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Vermilion Bay is a small town located on Eagle Lake.  Most people come here to fish Eagle Lake, however, some people use this as their base as they can head several different directions to experience some awesome fishing up here.  If you are looking for better numbers of fish, most people would go farther north for a day trip.  Drive 45 minutes to an hour and a half north and you have a lot of options in the Ear Falls and Perrault Falls area.

There are other lakes in this area to fish as well.  Some people stay in the small campground on Crystal Lake.  You can catch decent pike in this small lake or head to some of the other area lakes.  Blue Lake is nearby and has a resort called Blue Lake Resort on it as well.  Clark’s Camp is located on the Indian Lakes Chain, which has 10 lakes with good fishing here.  There are so many options in this area and we didn’t even talk about Eagle Lake that much.  You could spend a month on Eagle Lake and still not fish it all.

In this area, you can catch everything.  Northern pike, walleye, muskie, smallmouth bass, crappie and perch are all available.  Some lakes are better for certain species of fish, so do your research before planning your trip.

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