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Wolf River, WI | Fishing Tips
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The Fremont area is well known as the “White Bass Capitol of the World.”  The village of Fremont has a small population of around 750 people, but the visitors number in the thousands during the spring months for the White Bass runs.  Although fishing is the most popular reason why people visit, there are other things to do here as well.  The downtown district has many restaurants and quaint shops.  The river is also popular for boating, water skiing and swimming.

Fishing Tips

Depending on the weather, fishing is usually best for the white bass between the 1st week of May to the 1st week of June.  A warm front combined with the blooming of the lilac bushes lets fisherman know that the white bass will be running in the Wolf River.  It is not uncommon to catch anywhere from 20 to 100 white bass in a day if you time it right.  White Bass can be caught shallow and deep all over the river during the peak of the run.  Walleye fishing is good on the Wolf River also.  Walleye fishing is best in April with the spring spawn.  As the walleye run slows down, the White Bass run picks up.  The fall can offer some tremendous fishing as well for both white bass and walleye.  Take a look at our Wolf River, WI Fishing Tips page for more fishing information.

Area Businesses

Fishing Guides

Bait & Tackle Shops

  •  Ma’s Bait & Tackle – (920) 446-2444

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