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Wisconsin Walleye Fishing – Walleye fishing is very popular in Wisconsin, especially in the northern part of the state.  You may not find as many trophy-sized walleye compared to Minnesota or Canada, but Wisconsin definitely can hold its own when it comes to walleye fishing.

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Wisconsin Muskie Fishing – Wisconsin is definitely one of the best states in the country to target muskie, especially big muskie.  Anglers do a very good job of catch and release in this state and there are many different bodies of water that offer anglers a good chance of catching good numbers of fish as well as trophy-sized fish in the 50 inch range.

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northern-pikeWisconsin Northern Pike Fishing – The northern pike fishing is excellent throughout Wisconsin.  You can find plenty of lakes throughout the state that offer at least decent pike fishing where you can catch quite a few fish and have a good chance of catching one in the upper 20 inch range.  There are also numerous lakes and rivers that offer anglers a chance to catch fish in the mid to upper 30 inch range as well.

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Wisconsin Smallmouth Bass Fishing – The smallmouth bass fishing is very good throughout the state of Wisconsin.  If you are looking for good numbers of smallmouth bass, there are several destinations in northern Wisconsin available.  If you are looking for a trophy smallmouth bass, there are so many places to fish throughout the state.  Chequamegon Bay, Sturgeon Bay, the Menominee River & the upper portion of Door County are probably your best bet for big fish, but there are so many other places to fish for smallmouth bass in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Largemouth Bass Fishing – Largemouth bass are available throughout the state.  There are so many lakes to fish for bass and some lakes offer the possibility to catch bass in the 4 to 5 pound range.

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Wisconsin’s Panfish – Bluegill, Crappie, Perch & Rock Bass
Bluegill, crappie, perch and rock bass can be caught in so many different lakes, ponds and rivers.  For the panfish anglers, you will have a lot of options in this state.  Some lakes give anglers a better chance to catch some quality-sized panfish, while many of the lakes throughout the state will have good numbers of smaller panfish available.