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Lake Pend Oreille is a popular lake to visit in northern Idaho.  The lake is 65 miles long and as deep as 1,150 feet in some spots.  Lake Pend Oreille is surrounded by quite a few small towns and national forests.  Some of the more popular towns on this lake are Sandpoint, Bayview and Hope.

Fishing Tips

This is an excellent lake for fishing and the highest rated Idaho fishing destination by us.  This is a special lake with so many different types of fish, trophy fish and the ability to catch good numbers of fish too.  Figure out what you want to target or just go out for a mixed bag.  Either way, you have options on this lake.  For more fishing information, take a look at our Lake Pend Oreille fishing tips page.

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Lake Pend Oreille Points Points Possible
Ability to catch a lot of fish 1.75 2
Ability to catch trophy fish 2 2
Good for multiple species of fish 1 1
Guides & Charters available 1 1
Scenic 1 1
Quality lodging options 1 1
Dining options 1 1
Businesses such as boat storage, rentals, repair, outfitters, etc. 1 1
Positive Score 9.75
Overly Crowded 0 Minus 1
Overly Expensive 0 Minus 1
Negative Score 0
Total Score 9.75
Highest Score Possible 10

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