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Primary Species of Fish

The smallmouth bass fishery is world class.  It may be the best in the entire country, however, the Lake Erie anglers might have a problem with that statement.  You will find so many 2 to 3 pound bass here with 4 to 5 pounder being very common and some fish pushing 6, 7, 8 pounds and even bigger.  The salmon fishing in Door County is some of the finest you will find in all of Lake Michigan, especially in the Sturgeon Bay area.  There are numerous ports on the Lake Michigan side of Door County that offer some excellent salmon fishing each summer through fall.  Door County is a unique walleye fishery.  The waters of Green Bay are loaded with walleye, but anglers fish for them a little different than they do in other waters.  Walleye are commonly caught throughout North America by jigging, casting and trolling.  While jigging and casting can put plenty of walleyes in the boat in the waters surrounding Door County, the best walleye anglers have found that nothing beats trolling up here.  Walleye up to and above 10 pounds are fairly common here among the top walleye anglers who consistently target them.


Secondary Species of Fish

With all of the excellent fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, salmon and trout, many anglers don’t even realize that there is a pretty good fishery for some other species of fish too.  The perch fishing can be hit or miss, but when it is on, some trophy fish are caught here.  There are some very big northern pike caught here, however, don’t expect to find them in big numbers.  There are even some muskie caught in the Door County area, however, the better muskie fishing usually occurs farther south around the town of Green Bay.


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