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Contact Information

Just a heads up.  We receive so many emails about so many different things.  We can’t respond to them all.  It is not possible.

I have a team that automatically deletes many emails.  We respond to the following emails:

Business Listings – If you have a business that should be listed in our directory under one of our featured destinations, we need to hear from you so we can update our destination directory.

Fishing Lure Manufacturers – If you have a product that we should know about, please email us.

Promotional / Sponsorship Ideas – We are open to running promotions or accepting sponsors, but it has to fit with what we are creating.  We have turned down many companies trying to do things with us on promotions, advertising and potential sponsorships.  If it doesn’t fit, we won’t do it.  We are open to your ideas though if it can be a win-win-win.  It has to benefit us, your business and our viewers / readers.

Other Emails

Fishing Tip and Destination Questions – We get a lot of emails asking about tips, destinations, etc.  We don’t respond to these emails, however, we do note them because we do have certain areas on our website that need to be updated in the future.

Saying Nice Things – If you are emailing us to say thanks for what we do or to give a comment about seeing Kevin or his staff in a fishing video, we appreciate the kind words and we do talk about them at times, but most of the time, the staff will just delete them and tell Kevin that we are getting positive feedback.

Negative Stuff – For all you haters…..get a life.  Seriously.  This is one of the best resources for fishing information on the planet and the majority of it is completely free for you to learn.