Carolina Rig Tips

Fishing Rigs

A rigging method designed to present a soft plastic lure along the contour of the bottom. This rig consists of a main line with a heavy sinker, bead, then swivel. The swivel has a leader (1-6ft) to which the hook is tied.  This rig is often used for fishing with live bait as well.

Best Baits on a Carolina Rig

Many different types of soft plastics can look good on a Carolina rig.


Skirted Twin Tail Grubs

Lizards & Creatures

Creature Baits



Soft Plastic Minnows

Crayfish Baits

Crayfish Baits



Curly Tail Worms

Finesse Worms

Floating Worms

Fork Tail Worms

Paddle Tail Worms


Live or Natural Baits

You can use any live or natural bait on a Carolina rig.  Take a look at our fishing with live bait section to learn more about these baits.


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