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Fish the Bays with Weeds

The bays will almost always hold some pike.  The deeper weed edges will give you the best opportunity for bigger fish.  In the spring, you may find big fish super shallow, but from summer through fall, the deeper weed edge will typically be best.  The shallower weeds is usually where you will find plenty of smaller pike.

Find the Cabbage

Weeds are good, but cabbage is best.  There is something about cabbage that northern pike just love.  It is definitely the better type of weed to fish.

Go Flashy

Northern pike are visual so flash it up, especially once the sun comes up.

Fish with Spinners

There are several types of spinners that you can fish and they all work.  Fish an inline spinner, spinnerbait, underspins or a bucktail.  They all work and they can all catch big fish too.

Throw a Spoon

Spoons are one of the best pike baits.

Know How to Fish Deep

From summer through fall, most of the better fish will be found in deeper water.  There will be a lot of big fish moving back into the bays and shallower water when water temperatures come down again in the fall, but from summer through fall, you can find some big pike in deeper water.  Learn how to fish the drop-offs and the deeper reefs and you’ll find plenty of bigger fish.  Jig them up, try a drop shot rig or troll some deep diving crankbaits.


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