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Largemouth bass are fairly easy to catch once you understand how they operate.

Shallow Water Cover Holds So Many Bass

Largemouth bass can be found shallow, deep and everywhere in between, however, you will consistently find largemouth bass in the 2 to 6 foot range if you can find some cover there to hold them.  Weeds, wood, docks, it all has its time and place.

Largemouth Bass Love Weeds

Find the weeds and you’ll find the bass.  As the water warms, find the deeper weed edges for the better success.

Largemouth Bass Love Soft Plastics

Worms, creature baits, lizards, minnows and more.  If it’s a good-sized soft plastic bait with some decent action, there is a good chance that a largemouth bass somewhere will eat your bait.  Rig your soft plastics weedless so you can fish them around all types of cover.

Wacky Worms Are So Good It is Like Cheating

There is something about wacky worms and largemouth bass.  These fish just eat them up.  If you can figure out where the bass are, these baits will get you plenty of bites and you don’t have to do anything special when using them.

Learn to Fish a Bass Jig

You will thank us.  Bass jigs consistently catch quality bass and good numbers of bass better than any other bait on the market.

Topwater Fishing is Flat Out Awesome

From late spring through early fall, shallow water cover can be an ideal place to throw a variety of topwater baits.  Frogs are probably the best, but there are so many others to fish and they will all get the job done.

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