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Ranking System for Best Destinations by Species of Fish

We use a different ranking system when we are listing the best destinations for each species of fish.  While we do factor in the business services in the area, destinations can rank higher or lower for each species of fish depending on the potential for numbers of fish, trophy fish, fishing guides in the area, etc.

For example, we rank Venice, LA 9.5 as an overall fishing vacation destination, but when it comes to just the redfish fishing, it scores a perfect 10.0.

Venice, LA   –  Rating 10.0

Located in southern Louisiana, this is one of the best saltwater fishing destinations in the country.  The major knock against this area is that it’s not a very popular beach vacation destination like many of the other popular redfish fishing destinations, but if you’re looking for a place to catch redfish, it’s tough to beat Venice, Louisiana.  You can catch so many redfish here and the fish are huge.  It’s arguably the best fishing destination in the United States for redfish.

Space Coast  –  Rating 9.5

Located on the east coast in Central Florida, the Space Coast provides anglers with some awesome redfish fishing in the Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon and Banana River.

Sanibel Island  –  Rating 9.0

Located in Southwest Florida, this island is a very popular beach vacation destination. While some people think of this area as a great snook fishing destination, there is some excellent fishing for redfish also in the Pine Island Sound and in all of the backwater areas that can be found in this area.

Panama City Beach   –  Rating 9.0

Located in Northwest Florida, this area is a popular vacation destination and it has tons of inshore water to fish for redfish or many other species of fish.

Marco Island  –  Rating 9.0

Located way down south in southwest Florida, Marco Island is an awesome fishing vacation destination.  With all of the backwaters near Marco Island, there are so many areas that you can go out and target redfish.

St. Augustine  –  Rating 9.0

Located in northeast Florida, St. Augustine is a great fishing vacation destination.  With all the backwater areas to fish, anglers can catch a lot of redfish here.

Tampa Bay & its Beaches  –  Rating 9.0

Located on the Gulf Coast in Central Florida, The Tampa Bay area has tons of inshore water to fish for so many different species of fish.  There are many bays, flats, passes, bridges and backwater areas to target redfish.

Gulf Shores, Orange Beach  –  Rating 9.0

Located in Alabama, this is a great beach vacation destination. With Perdido Bay and Mobile Bay, there are so many places that you can target redfish in this area.

Rockport, TX  –  Rating 9.0

Located about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, this area has some incredible inshore fishing, especially for redfish.

Corpus Christi, TX  –  Rating 9.0

Located in Texas, the Corpus Christi area has tons of water to fish inshore for a variety of fish.  It is a very good area for targeting good numbers of redfish.

Port Aransas, TX  –  Rating 9.0

Located in Texas, this area is a popular beach vacation destination.  It has some incredible inshore fishing for a variety of fish with all of inshore waters to fish. Anglers do very well in this area for redfish.

Crystal Coast, NC  –  Rating 9.0

Located on the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, Morehead City is an excellent beach vacation destination.  The fishing is outstanding here and there is some excellent inshore fishing for redfish and other species of fish.

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