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Smallmouth bass can be caught on many different lures, but it’s tough to beat the lures listed below.

Crayfish & Tubes

Crayfish baits and tubes both work great for smallmouth bass.  Smallies feed on crayfish all the time, so why not imitate one of their favorite foods.

  • Best Crayfish Baits for SM Bass
  • Best Tubes for SM Bass

Curly Tail Grubs

Curly Tail Grubs are one of the better ways to target smallmouth bass.  Swim them or hop them along the bottom.  Both ways can be very effective.

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  • Best Curly Tail Grubs for SM Bass

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Twin Tail Grubs & Spider Jigs

Most people think of regular curly tail grubs when fishing for smallmouth bass.  Try the twin tail grubs, especially the spider jigs.  They work great.

  • Best Twin Tail Grubs for SM Bass

Wacky Worms

When the bass are in the shallows, a wacky worm fished weightless is really tough to beat.

  • Best Wacky Worms for SM Bass

Finesse Worms

It’s tough to beat a finesse worm when fishing for smallmouth bass.  Smallies have smaller mouths and they love the smaller-sized finesse worms.

  • Best Finesse Worms for SM Bass

Lipless Crankbaits

These lures are probably the best river lure for smallmouth bass.  They work well in lakes too.

  • Best Lipless Crankbaits for SM Bass

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