Iron River, MI

The Iron River area does have some muskie lakes available if you want to target them.  If you are planning a trip up here though and you really want to catch a muskie, you may want to consider the popular area of Eagle River, WI and Three Lakes, WI.  There are some pretty good muskie lakes a short drive into Wisconsin from Iron River, MI.

Iron Mountain, MI

The muskie fishing in this area isn’t as good as it is on many of the lakes in Northern Wisconsin.  You can find plenty of smaller, pot hole lakes in this area that may hold some muskie in them, but for the most part, this isn’t a hot muskie fishing destination.  Some of the bodies of water to try for muskie in this area are Emily, Chicagon, Paint River, the Menominee River and Peavy Pond.  There are some big fish here, so don’t be surprised if you catch one or two, but the numbers definitely aren’t there on a consistent basis.

Watersmeet, MI

There are a lot of muskie lakes in the Watersmeet area. Anglers usually come here to fish the Cisco Chain of Lakes and the muskie fishing is solid on the chain. However, there are a lot of different lakes in the area you can fish for muskie.

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