Best Rigs

Jigheads are great for rigging soft plastics such as curly tail grubs, some swimbaits, soft plastic minnows and jerkbaits.

Shaky head jigs work well with soft plastics such as minnows and jerkbaits and swimbaits.  You can use these jigs to swim your baits.  Don’t think of it as just a bottom hopping rig.

Scrounger jigheads are great for rigging a variety of minnow-style baits for catching a variety of different salmon.

Swimbait hooks are great for swimming a variety of swimbaits.

Popular Trolling Rigs

Cut plug herring is one of the most popular salmon rigs for the die hard salmon anglers.  Learn how to troll with cut plug herring and it’s hard to go back to your other trolling lures.

The dodger and fly is one of the most popular rigs for targeting salmon when trolling.

Dipsey divers help you get your baits down deeper.  They are essential for deeper water fishing, especially if you don’t have downriggers.

Downriggers are great for presenting your lures super deep.  When the salmon are running very deep, you’re going to need a downrigger to get you down there fast.

Bottom bouncers aren’t as popular, but they can be super effective at lower trolling speeds.