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There are many different species of salmon that will test your fishing skills.  From Coho to Chinook, salmon can weigh anywhere from 2 to 100 pounds.  This section has tons of information about the different types of salmon and how to catch them.

Salmon Fishing Tips

We have so much information to help you catch more smallmouth bass.  Go to our salmon fishing tips page to learn more.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Salmon

Salmon Can Move Great Distances

If you are trying to catch salmon, you need to know that you won’t always find them in the same spots.  On the huge bodies of water where salmon are found, these fish will move great distances based on water temperatures and food.  They can follow schools of bait fish for miles.

Salmon are Super Strong

Salmon are very strong and put up a good fight.  The type of salmon and size of each fish will dictate how good of a fight it will put up, but if you run into a salmon in the 10 to 20 pound range, you are in for a fight.  King Salmon grow much larger as well and are known for putting up awesome fights once hooked.

Trolling Big Water is King

If you are going to consistently catch lots of salmon on big waters, you are going to need to learn how to troll.  You have to cover large distances to find schools of fish if you’re going to consistently put fish in the boat.

Salmon Spawn in Rivers & Streams

In the summer and fall, salmon will spawn in rivers and streams.  This is usually the best time for anglers to get a chance at catching a big salmon because on many of these rivers and streams, you will not need a boat.  Their diet changes quite a bit when they enter the river, so get used to using smaller flies and artificial eggs to catch these fish.

Salmon Like Colder Water

Salmon are not comfortable in warm waters, so plan on fishing during the cooler times of the year or be ready to go farther offshore to find them in deeper, cooler waters in the summer.