Lake Gogebic

Lake Gogebic is known as a good walleye lake for numbers and some big fish up to and above 10 pounds are caught here as well.  This lake has a track record more for having good numbers of eater-sized fish than trophy fish, so you should be able to catch plenty of walleye to eat and there is a chance to bump into a bigger fish.  All of the typical methods for catching walleye will work on Lake Gogebic.

Iron River, MI

There are plenty of lakes in the Iron River area that offer good walleye fishing.  Some lakes are definitely better than others, but you can find several lakes that give you a good chance to catch some walleye if you know how to fish for them.

Iron Mountain, MI

Walleye are targeted by many anglers in this area.  You’re not going to find any walleye factories here, but there are fish available in several of the lakes and rivers in this area. Peavy Pond (Upper and Lower Peavy) and Michigamme Reservoir are good-sized bodies of water with fishable populations of walleye.  Anglers also target the Menominee River for walleye, however, it’s known more for its smallmouth bass fishing.

Manistique Lakes, MI

Walleye fishing is popular in the Manistique Lakes (North, Big and South).  How good the walleye fishing is will most likely depend on who you talk to.  Some anglers report very good fishing here, while others think these lakes are tough to fish.  There are decent numbers of walleye with some quality fish mixed in.

Watersmeet, MI

Many of the area lakes have walleye in them and some big fish are here too. Anglers have the option of fishing a variety of smaller lakes in this area or try fishing the Cisco Chain of Lakes. The chain has a lot of water to fish and is home to some good walleye fishing.

Learn More About Walleye

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