Northern Pike

Lake Gogebic

Lake Gogebic has good fishing for northern pike with some big fish available.  Most anglers that come here prefer to fish for walleye, but if you want to fish for pike, you should be able to catch some fish.  Pike above 30 inches are fairly common and some big fish in the upper 30 inches are available in the lake.

Iron River, MI

The Iron River area has many lakes with northern pike in them and on some of these lakes, there is some potential for a bigger fish, although, most of the pike you will catch will probably be in the 20 to 25 inch range.

Iron Mountain, MI

Many of the lakes in this area have northern pike in them, so if you’re looking for some action from smaller fish, it’s not that difficult to find pike in many of the smaller lakes around here.  There are some big pike in this area as well.  Anglers report some nice catches of pike in the Menominee River, Peavy Pond and some decent action from smaller pike out of Michigamme Reservoir.

Manistique Lakes, MI

Northern pike are in many of the lakes in this area.  Don’t expect to catch many giants, but there are enough pike in the area that you can definitely get some action by targeting northern pike here.

Watersmeet, MI

There are so many lakes in this area and many of them have northern pike in them too. Anglers can find plenty of lakes with decent sized pike and there are some quality pike caught here as well.

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