Dolly Varden

The Dolly Varden trout is a subspecies of anadromous fish in the salmon family, but it is technically a char.  Although many of the fish are anadromous, the fish also exists in landlocked waters.  It is found in coastal waters of the North Pacific from Puget Sound to the Alaska Peninsula and into the eastern Aleutians, along the Bering Sea and the Arctic Sea to the Mackenzie River.  Dolly Varden can be found in the deep runs and pools of creeks, rivers, streams, lakes and the sea.

In streams, Dolly Varden feed on insects, annelids, eggs, snails, clams and other small fishes.  In the ocean, they feed primarily on other fish such as smelt, herring, sand lance, sculpin, flounder and cod.  Fishing for Dolly Varden can be a lot of fun on light tackle.  Small spinners, dry flies, streamers and salmon eggs work well in streams and lakes.  Dolly Varden taste good and they are typically fried in a pan.