Catch Bigger Salmon

It’s All About the Destination

There are many good chinook salmon destinations.  With the Great Lakes, the West Coast and Alaska, there are plenty of places to go to fish for big chinook salmon.  However, nothing rivals what you can experience in Alaska.  It is truly a special salmon fishery in that state.

Best Salmon Fishing Destinations

Catch Them When They Migrate in the Rivers to Spawn

This is the easiest way to consistently target bigger fish.  When the adult fish move back into the rivers, you will have lots of chances at catching bigger fish on average and in some stretches of the rivers, there will be fish all over the place.

Troll to Cover More Water

When fishing open water, trolling is the easiest and most productive way to find fish and it’s going to help you cover more water and get your baits in front of more big fish too.