Largemouth Bass

Iron River, MI

Largemouth bass fishing is good on many of the lakes in the Iron River, MI area.  On some of the smaller lakes, largemouth bass and northern pike are the primary species of fish. On some of the bigger lakes, walleye and pike tend to be more popular among most anglers, so the largemouth bass fishing can actually be quite good since they are under fished.

Iron Mountain, MI

Largemouth bass are very common in this area.  Most of the lakes in the area will give anglers the opportunity to target bass.  This area is known for its numerous pot-hole lakes (not very big in size) and largemouth bass will usually be found around all types of shoreline cover and along the weed edges.

Manistique Lakes, MI

Largemouth bass are present in most of the area lakes in this area.  They may not be the primary species of fish in each lake, but if you want to target largemouth bass, you definitely can do that in this area.

Watersmeet, MI

Largemouth bass can be found in many of the lakes in the area. Most anglers come here to fish for walleye, muskie, panfish or even smallmouth bass before largemouth bass, so on many of the lakes, they are under fished compared to other fish. Many of the smaller lakes will be home to largemouth bass. Vegetation is key on many of these lakes. Find the weeds and you’ll most likely find some largemouth bass if they are in those lakes.