Iron Mountain, MI

Iron Mountain is located in the state’s Upper Peninsula.  It was named for the valuable iron ore found in the vicinity.  It’s a small city just over the Wisconsin border and this area is popular among people that enjoy the outdoors.  Most of the lakes in the area are smaller lakes, so you can usually get out on the water even if the winds pick up.  The Menominee River is famous for its excellent smallmouth bass fishing and the river runs through the town.

Walleye Fishing

Walleye are targeted by many anglers in this area.  You’re not going to find any walleye factories here, but there are fish available in several of the lakes and rivers in this area. Peavy Pond (Upper and Lower Peavy) and Michigamme Reservoir are good-sized bodies of water with fishable populations of walleye.  Anglers also target the Menominee River for walleye, however, it’s known more for its smallmouth bass fishing.

Muskie Fishing

The muskie fishing in this area isn’t as good as it is on many of the lakes in Northern Wisconsin.  You can find plenty of smaller, pot hole lakes in this area that may hold some muskie in them, but for the most part, this isn’t a hot muskie fishing destination.  Some of the bodies of water to try for muskie in this area are Emily, Chicagon, Paint River, the Menominee River and Peavy Pond.  There are some big fish here, so don’t be surprised if you catch one or two, but the numbers definitely aren’t there on a consistent basis.

Northern Pike Fishing

Many of the lakes in this area have northern pike in them, so if you’re looking for some action from smaller fish, it’s not that difficult to find pike in many of the smaller lakes around here.  There are some big pike in this area as well.  Anglers report some nice catches of pike in the Menominee River, Peavy Pond and some decent action from smaller pike out of Michigamme Reservoir.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Iron Mountain does have some very good places to fish for smallmouth bass.  The Menominee River gets a lot of attention from smallmouth bass anglers.  Good numbers of bass can be caught here and some very big bass call the Menominee River their home. Some other lakes to target smallmouth bass are Michigamme Reservoir, Fortune Lakes, Ice Lake, Ottawa Lake, Paint River, Peavy Pond and Smoky Lake.

Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth bass are very common in this area.  Most of the lakes in the area will give anglers the opportunity to target bass.  This area is known for its numerous pot-hole lakes (not very big in size) and largemouth bass will usually be found around all types of shoreline cover and along the weed edges.


The lakes in this area are home to a variety of panfish.  Some lakes will be better for perch, while others will be better for crappie, bluegill and other sunfish.  With many of the smaller-sized lakes in this area, the bigger panfish can be hit or miss depending on the year.  When one lake emerges as a good lake with some nice panfish, the word usually gets out and many of the better fish will be removed from the fishery since they taste so good. If you just want to catch some fish, there are plenty of lakes in the area where you can target panfish.  Just plan on sorting through several smaller fish to find the bigger eater-sized fish.