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Live & Natural Baits

Worms such as nightcrawlers and red worms are awesome baits for yellow bass.  A small piece of worm is all you need.  Just make sure you rig it on a small enough hook so the sunfish can get the hook into their mouth.

Spikes are perfect in size for yellow bass.  Use them on a single hook or tip your jigs, spoons and spinners with them to get more bites.

Wax worms are also a very good size for yellow bass.  They work great on a single hook, but most anglers use them to tip their jigs, spoons or spinners.


There are a variety of small soft plastics that are made specifically for targeting panfish and these will work well for yellow bass too.  If you are in a pinch though, you can rip a tiny piece of soft plastics from your bigger baits to use them as bait for catching yellow bass.

Hair jigs are one of the better baits for yellow bass.  Fish the smaller hair jigs all by themselves or you can tip these hair jigs with a tiny piece of worm or minnow for yellow bass.

Jigging spoons are used for deeper water and they can be used as an attractor also.  You will catch some yellow bass without tipping these spoons, but you will catch a ton more by tipping the hooks with a tiny piece of worm.

When white bass school up and are feeding on baitfish, an in-line spinner is tough to beat.  Just cast it out and wind it in with a steady retrieve and you should catch plenty of fish.

Beetle spinners can also be very good for white bass.  Keep the soft plastic trailer on there or remove it and add a piece of worm or lively minnow and you will catch plenty of fish.

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