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There are so many different lakes and reservoirs that are home to yellow bass.  You can catch these fish a number of different ways.  Take a look at some of the spots you should be targeting while fishing for sunfish on lakes and reservoirs.


Bridges offer good structure for yellow bass.  Most bridges will have some rock in the water, which attracts baitfish and plenty of yellow bass will be right there with them.  The bridges that have access to shallow and deep water with some other type of cover will hold a lot more fish.  Add some weeds, timber and brush or submerged brush piles and there’s a good chance that you will find a variety of fish here.

Docks can hold some yellow bass, however, don’t expect these fish to use the docks in the same way that you are used to finding largemouth bass, sunfish, rock bass and crappie.  Docks usually won’t be the areas that consistently hold good numbers of yellow bass.  However, if a school of bait fish is around the docks, the yellow bass may be right there with them.

Fish the Drop-offs

Fishing on the drop-offs is one of the ways to consistently catch yellow bass during the summer months.  The drop-offs are great because they offer easy access into shallow and deep water.  Yellow bass will often move into the shallower water to find an easy meal, then move back into the deeper, cooler water where they are more comfortable.  Find a drop-off with some type of rock, weeds or brush piles and you’ll find more fish.


Timber and brush will hold some yellow bass throughout the year.  While the bigger trees and laydowns are more popular for bass, you will find yellow bass right there with them at times.  The deep water brush piles will hold good numbers of yellow bass during the summer.


Weeds will always hold a variety of different types of fish and yellow bass can be found around the weeds too.  In the spring, the green weeds in the shallows will attract some fish.  During the summer months, the deep weed edges will hold more quality fish.

Rocks & Boulders

Rocks and boulders will always hold some fish.  Baitfish will use the rocks and boulders as cover to hide and you can usually find plenty of yellow bass will be right there with them.  The rocks tend to consistently hold some yellow bass throughout the year.

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