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Fishing Reports

Check out the what’s going on here.  Go to White River Fishing Reports page.

Primary Species of Fish

The primary species of fish here are the rainbow trout and brown trout.  You will find a ton of rainbow trout in this river.  Brown trout aren’t here in as good of numbers, but there are plenty of them in here too and some trophy brown trout live in these waters.


Secondary Species of Fish

Most of the fish you are going to catch are rainbow trout and brown trout, but some anglers do report catches of cutthroat trout, brook trout and even bass.  Smallmouth bass are more prevalent, but some reports of largemouth bass and spotted bass will pop up on occasion in certain stretches of the river.


Latest River Stage & Generation Information

Call 870-431-5311 for a recorded message detailing the current generation.  If you reach a busy signal, keep calling.

Total River Flow Stage – USGS 07060500 White River at Calico Rock, AR

More Tips

Use Light Line in the Clear Waters

Light line is key to getting more bites in the clear waters of the White River.  Many anglers use line as light as 2 or 4 pound test line.  You can also get by with 6 pound line for most situations on the river.  Fluorocarbon line will also help you get more bites.

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