Using Nightcrawlers for Smallmouth Bass Fishing



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Nightcrawlers are a very common live bait to use for smallmouth bass.  Anglers will typically use hooks in the #2 and #4 sizes when they are using nightcrawlers for smallmouth bass.  Whether you are fishing for bass in the shallows, near cover or in deep water, the nightcrawler will consistently put smallmouth bass in the boat.  Many anglers prefer to use a half nightcrawler when fishing for smallmouth bass.  Whether it is because their mouths are smaller than largemouth bass or they just prefer a smaller worm, many fishing guides swear by half nightcrawlers.  Some fishing guides also think the wacky style rig gets many more bites as well when fishing for smallmouth bass.  Whatever rig you choose to use, it’s tough to beat a live nightcrawler as bait for smallmouth bass.line-3Watch Videoskevin sewell youtube channel

Best Rigs for Using Nightcrawlers for Smallmouth Bass Fishing

  • Bobber / Slip Bobber
  • Carolina Rig
  • Drop Shot Rig
  • Jighead
  • Split Shot Rig

Nightcrawlers Under Water – See How They Look


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