Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore, you can find tarpon running the beaches as they migrate into new areas.  Because tarpon are known for rolling at the surface, you can often sight fish for tarpon just off the beaches.  This calls for making long runs in nicer boats so you can handle the waves just off the beaches.  Tarpon come up to the surface for air and when they do this, you can usually find schools of them swimming together.  Anglers will find the tarpon this way, then get in their path without spooking them.  That is the goal at least.  At times, these fish will spook easily, but if you can get your baits in front of them without scaring them, you can have an awesome fishing experience.

Some anglers also find tarpon relating to nearshore structure as these fish move along during their migration.  You will need some good electronics to consistently find these fish.  Some of the biggest tarpon can be found nearshore, so it’s worth looking for these fish out here if you’re willing to do some long runs with the boat.