Submit Your Fishing Story


Fishing Guides & Charters, Fishing Resort Owners

What Is This

You can write your own story about a memorable fishing experience in your area.


This does cost money.  Kevin will proofread your story and help edit whatever needs to be edited.

1st Published Story – $175

Additional Stories – $125

Maximum of 5 stories from one business owner per destination

Stories stay online for 2 years

$60 per year to renew after story expires

Kevin will have the final say whether or not we publish your story.  If we don’t publish your story, you won’t pay anything.


We will add a link to your business at the top of the story.  However, any links throughout the story that relate to our pages on our website will be linked to our pages.  You can’t buy a fishing story placement and get links located throughout the article.  This isn’t set up to game the system and buy links.  This is setup to share your story to anglers who may be excited to learn about your area and then maybe plan a fishing trip using your business in the future.

Contact Us to See If You Can Promote Your Business Through our Fishing Stories

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