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Streamers have their time and place for most trout and it is no different for brown trout.  Because bigger brown trout are known for eating fish more than flies, streamers can be a great way to target a bigger fish.  On some rivers, there are shad kills and by fishing with a streamer that imitates a shad, you can experience some of the best fishing of the year.

Some anglers will cast streamers upstream and let them drift down in the current and this can be effective, but you will usually get more strikes with the streamer by mimicking a bait fleeing the scene or a wounded bait fish.  A strip followed by a pause will usually draw more strikes than just drifting it downstream and you can do well by fishing across the current as well.  Mix up your retrieves until you find the better technique for that particular day.  Use streamers to imitate some of fish that they eat in their river and you may end up catching the biggest brown trout of your life on a streamer.


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