Pier Fishing

Snook are common around many of the fishing piers, especially at night on the piers with good lighting.  During the day, snook will hang around the pilings and in the shade underneath the pier as they wait to ambush bait fish.  Schools of snook can often be seen swimming around the piers.  These schools of snook may not hang around the piers for long, but they will definitely grab an easy meal as they swim by.

At night, snook will often be found in the shadow lines as these fish wait in anticipation for the bait fish to move into these lights.  Snook feed aggressively on bait fish around the lights.  The piers that don’t have great lighting will attract some snook as well, but the lighted piers tend to hold more fish throughout the night.  Live bait, topwater lures, jigs and spoons can all be very effective for catching snook around the piers.  Just make sure you have a pier fishing net so you can lift the bigger snook up onto the pier without losing them.