Best Techniques

Still Fishing

It’s really not that hard to catch snapper.  You just have to find them.  Once you find them, you’re going to be bottom fishing with live baits and cut baits.  Use your favorite bottom rig, drop it down and wait for the bite.


Anglers will drift for snapper offshore.  This can be a good technique to cover a little water and find more fish.  On some of the bigger offshore structure, this technique can work well to put more fish in the boat.


Some anglers enjoy jigging for snapper.  The jigging motion will help some fish find your bait and hopefully eat it.  You can jig with live baits, cut baits, soft plastics and some hair jigs too.


Trolling is definitely the least popular technique for snapper fishing, but some anglers do it and they do have some success doing it.  Whether you slow troll with live baits or break out the big motor for trolling crankbaits and other lures, it can be productive at times.