Best Rigs

The fish finder rig is one of the best bottom rigs you can use.  Make sure to use a heavy enough weight to get it down to the bottom.

Bobbers aren’t going to help you very much when you’re bottom fishing, but when you’re fishing around the mangroves for mangrove snapper, a bobber and piece of shrimp will catch a lot of fish.

The drop shot rig is a good rig to use inshore and offshore.  It’s a popular rig for targeting mangrove snapper inshore and for going offshore for some of the bigger snapper.

A simple jighead and live bait or cut bait is all you really need.  Just make sure it is heavy enough for the depth you are fishing.

This is a good rig for fishing inshore for mangrove snapper when you don’t need a lot of weight.  Offshore, it’s not going to help you very much.