Neko Rig

The Neko rig is a unique rig and it’s becoming very popular among many anglers.  As you can see in the tank to the left, the hook is in the center and the weight is at the head of the bait.  In this case, it’s a screw that is screwed into the head of the worm.  Because most anglers use smaller baits to target smallies, you may not see many anglers using the Neko rig when targeting these fish.

Best Baits on a Neko Rig for Smallmouth Bass

Wacky Worms

These baits work great on a neko rig.  You still get that good u-shaped action when you twitch them, however, the fall and the way the bait rests are completely different from other rigs.


A soft plastic lizard is another good neko rig bait for smallmouth bass.  It just gives you another way to fish this bait and it will get plenty of bites.

Soft Plastic Minnows

A 4 to 5 inch minnow bait looks good on a neko rig.  It’s just another way to imitate a wounded bait fish to catch some of those finicky bass.