Sheepshead are mostly found inshore around bridges, docks and piers.  The barnacle encrusted pilings hold tons of sheepshead during the high tide.  Sheepshead can also be found in the passes, along the mangrove-lined shorelines, along jetties, in the surf and offshore on the reefs and wrecks when they spawn.

Fishing Rigs

You can keep it real simple when fishing for sheepshead.  Use a few different bottom rigs and maybe mix in a bobber here or there and you’re all set.

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Live & Natural Baits

Sheepshead love shrimp and fiddler crabs.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Don’t go too light when fishing for sheepshead.  If you find some bigger fish, you’re going to lose some.  Go medium-heavy to heavy action with your rods and reels and don’t rule out the baitcaster either.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

20 to 30 pound mono will do just fine for most situations.  You can go lighter, but we don’t recommend it.

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Eating Sheepshead

Sheepshead taste very good.  Anglers fillet them and then cook them several different ways.  Frying them is probably the most popular method, but many people grill, bake and broil them.