Fish the Low Tide

Fishing for sheepshead is usually tougher on a low tide.  Sheepshead can be found around docks, bridges and piers feeding on the barnacles that cover the pilings.  With low water levels, you will often find some of the most encrusted pilings are now above the water’s surface.  Sheepshead will usually move to the deeper water docks or into the deeper water in the nearby channels.  Some of the best high water docks, bridges and piers will not produce during the low tides.

Some anglers do have some success fishing for sheepshead on the low tides.  They usually target the pilings in deeper water, open water buoys, the channels and sometimes even the flats.  Sheepshead can be found in very shallow water while feeding on the flats during a low tide.  Redfish are much more prevalent on most flats, but you can find some sheepshead as well.