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Surf & Pier Fishing

You’re not going to find the beaches here for surf fishing and there aren’t any major fishing piers here either.  If you are looking to fish from shore, there are some spots that some of the locals will wade out and fish.  There are some piers in nearby Matagorda Bay.  You can check out Austwell Pier if you can’t make the drive to other towns.

Inshore Fishing

Seadrift is home to some very good inshore fishing.  The waters are protected here and you will see plenty of small boats out in the bay fishing safely.  In the bay, most anglers are going to be targeting redfish and trout, but several other types of fish can be caught here too.

Deep Sea & Offshore Fishing

With no direct access to the Gulf from Seadrift, you could take a boat ride to get out to the gulf, but most anglers would just launch closer to the direct access points nearby which are Port Aransas and Port O’Connor.  Once you are in the Gulf, anglers target a variety of fish such as groupersnappercobiaking mackerelpermitamberjack and goliath grouper.  These are just some of the fish that can be caught offshore.  The time of year will dictate what is found in this area in the offshore waters.

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