Saltwater Fishing near Orlando, Florida

Many people come to the Orlando area for the theme parks and the bass fishing, but there is also some excellent saltwater fishing about an hour to two hours away depending on where you are staying in Orlando and where you decide to travel to.

Head West

If you head west, you can go fish the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota, Homosassa and the Crystal, River area. Tampa Bay and Sarasota are the more popular tourist destinations and they both offer excellent inshore and offshore fishing. Homosassa and Crystal River have some incredible inshore fishing and you can get away from the crowds in both destinations.

Head East

If you head east, you can go fish the Space Coast. You can fish inshore or offshore here, although, the inshore fishing in Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River gets most of the attention, especially among anglers that like to fish freshwater for bass. When fishing the inshore waters here, you will most likely be fishing the shallow grass flats for redfish and sea trout, which is very similar to fishing the shallows for bass. New Smyrna Beach is also a great destination. It is very close to Daytona Beach and you have some great inshore, offshore and shore fishing options there.