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Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphin fish, are one of the most popular fish that you can catch offshore.  Trolling with ballyhoo is one of the most popular ways to target this fish offshore, but you can also catch them by casting with artificial lures, live bait or even fly fishing equipment.  Mahi Mahi will often school up around floating debris that is found in offshore waters.  You may find them around large weedlines of sargasso seaweed, floating grass, palm trees, floating boards and many other types of floating debris.  Once you find the mahi mahi, it is very common to chum with live bait, such as pilchards, to keep them near your boat.  It is not that difficult to keep the school feeding near your boat if you have enough chum and you can pick off one fish after another while they are feeding on your chum.  Anglers usually use medium to medium-heavy action rods with 30 to 50 pound test line.


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