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When someone mentions offshore bottom fishing, most anglers think of grouper.  You will find grouper all over the many offshore reefs and wrecks, so you’re going to need a good chart that shows where these spots are located.  If you don’t want to do it on your own, most of the popular fishing destinations that offer grouper fishing will also have many offshore fishing charters that know where the best fishing spots are located.  Grouper can often be found in offshore waters as shallow as 25 feet or down as deep as 500 feet.

There are a variety of different grouper that you may end up catching, but gag grouper are the most abundant.  Anglers that fish for grouper will typically be targeting gag grouper and if they catch another type of grouper, it’s a bonus.  The giant goliath grouper are also very popular to catch.  Even though you may find goliath grouper in many of the same spots as other grouper, the way you fish for them will be completely different if you are targeting this species specifically.  Anglers that target goliath grouper will be using much larger baits such as small jack crevalle, stingrays, big mullet and large pogies.  The bigger, livelier baits tend to be much more productive, although, you can catch goliath grouper on smaller baits and with cut bait.  You are also going to need much heavier tackle.  Huge rods, large reels, 150 to 600 pound test line and sinkers in the 1 to 4 pound range are common when fishing for huge goliath grouper.


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