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Northern pike can be found in many different lakes, reservoirs, rivers and even in some streams.  Pike prefer weeds over any other type of cover, however, you can still find some pike around woodrocks and many fish will be found roaming in open water following schools of bait fish.

Fishing Rigs

Most pike anglers keep it very simple when it comes to fishing rigs, however, there are several rigs you can use that will help you put more pike in the boat.  Take a look at our fishing rigs for northern pike section to learn more.

Live & Natural Baits

For the most part, northern pike eat fish and they eat a lot of fish.  Bigger minnows will be the best live baits to use when targeting northern pike.  Take a look at our live & natural baits for northern pike section to learn more about what to use and how to use it to catch more .

Rod & Reel Recommendations

You are going to want to go heavy when fishing for pike.  On many waters though, they are home to mostly small pike, so you will often see anglers using very light gear when fishing for pike in these situations.  However, if you are fishing a body of water that is home to big pike, you need to make sure you are using heavy enough gear or you are going to lose a lot of fish.  Learn more on our rod & reel recommendations for northern pike page.

Fishing Line Recommendations

You are going to want to go heavier so you can avoid the bite-offs and avoid losing big fish.  Learn more on our fishing line recommendations for northern pike page.

Eating Northern Pike

Northern pike taste excellent, but there are lots of people that avoid eating them because of their Y-bones.  Once you learn how to cut out the Y-bones, you can enjoy eating pike without worrying about choking on a bone.  Pike are usually filleted, battered with a fish batter and fried in oil.  Bigger pike can be also be cooked on the grill or baked.


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