Best Muskie Fishing Trips in Canada

Best Fishing Trips | Canada

The muskie fishing can be incredible in Canada.  Ontario has the most options for planning a trip, but there are other places to catch muskie in Canada as well.  Some of the well-known muskie lakes are Lake of the WoodsLac Seul and Eagle Lake.  In Canada, it is not uncommon to catch muskie over 50 inches and pushing close to 50 pounds.  This is one of the main reasons why muskie anglers love Canada.  To give you the best chance at landing a trophy muskie, the fly-in outposts are the way to go.  On some lakes, the fishing pressure is so low that you have a chance of hooking up with multiple trophy muskie every day on your trip.  There are plenty of good drive-in lodges that offer quality muskie fishing, but you may want to hire a guide to learn some of the best spots on the first day of your trip.

Best Drive-To Muskie Destinations in Canada

Lake of the Woods (Canada)  –  Rating 10.0

Lake of the Woods is such an awesome fishing destination.  In Canada, you will also find one of the best muskie lakes that you can fish for numbers of fish and big fish.  Whether you fish the Northwest Angle (Minnesota & Canada), Kenora, Sioux Narrows or Morson, you have a lot of options for muskie fishing.

Eagle Lake (Canada)  –  Rating 9.5

Anglers have a good chance to catch a muskie here and big muskie up to and over 50 inches are possible.  Eagle Lake is known as a big fish lake and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to muskie fishing.

Thousand Islands (NY & Canada)  –  Rating 9.5

Many of the guides report 50 inch fish throughout the season and we have even seen pictures of a 60″ muskie out of this area.  It’s just an awesome destination for big muskie.

Lac Seul (Canada)  –  Rating 9.25

The east side of Lac Seul is an excellent muskie lake with many big fish up to and above 50 inches long.  On the west side of the lake, you rarely ever hear of a muskie sighting so stick to the east side of the lake if you are planning a trip for muskie.

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