Welcome to our Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Home Page

Martha’s Vineyard is an island located just south of Cape Cod.  The island covers about 87 square miles and it is a very popular summer vacation destination.  Martha’s Vineyard is only accessible by boat and air, which makes it a very unique place to visit.  Fishing and boating is very popular off of Martha’s Vineyard.

The fishing is very good here with quick access to inshore waters and offshore waters, so you have a lot of options when fishing here.  There are plenty of fishing charters that target a variety of fish such as striped bass, cod, haddock, bluefish, shark and tuna.  Striped bass are king here though and during the peak of the striper migration, plan on seeing a bunch of people targeting striped bass from boats or along the beaches.

Inshore Fishing

There are a lot of good inshore waters around Martha’s Vineyard.  The striped bass fishery is outstanding in the area waters.  There are plenty of other fish you can catch here inshore as well.  Anglers target bluefish, sea bass, sea trout, flounder and sharks.  When the peak of the striped bass migration occurs though, the inshore fishing is dominated by striped bass.

Nearshore Fishing

The nearshore reefs and wrecks are home to a variety of fish.  Anglers may find striped bass, bluefish, sharks, sea bass and other species too.  When the striped bass are in thick, you may find some boats targeting these fish nearshore in this area.

Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

Martha’s Vineyard is in an excellent location if you want to go out and fish the offshore waters in this area.  With quick access to the ocean, it’s not as far of a boat ride as if you were coming from the mainland.  Whether you fish the reefs and wrecks or the open water, there are plenty of fish to target here.  Black sea bass, tautog, scup, pollock, cod, haddock, wolffish, halibut and sharks are some of the types of fish that you may find around the reefs or wrecks.  Some of the fish that roam the open waters in this region are tuna, mackerel, bonito and false albacore.

Surf & Pier Fishing

Martha’s Vineyard has plenty of places to fish from shore.  Striped bass are the most popular fish that are targeted here from the surf and the piers, however, you can also catch a variety of other fish such as bluefish, whiting, an occasional trout or even flounder.  During the peak of the striped bass migration, the fishing can be awesome from the surf in this area.  You will often see anglers along the surf casting for stripers during the peak of the run.  You can catch some very big fish while fishing from shore here.