Good Strategies for Fishing LOTW Sioux Narrows

Jigging & Drop Shotting

With all the clear, deep water in the Sioux Narrows area, jigging and drop shotting is a very popular technique.  Find a good drop-off close to the shoreline or on a reef and rig your favorite live bait or soft plastic and you should catch some fish.  Walleye, smallmouth bass and pike will all be caught with this tecnique depending on what baits you use.  Don’t be surprised if you run into some muskie, perch and crappie too.


There are a lot of great areas for casting in this area.  With all the islands, bays and points, you have plenty of areas to cast away and target a variety of fish.  Most anglers that like to cast will be targeting smallmouth bass, pike and muskie, but depending on what you are using and the depths you are fishing, you may run into some walleye this way too.

Live Baiting

Lively minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers will catch a lot of fish in this area.  Because there is such good depth here, you may want to fish vertical with a drop shot rig or jighead.  Anchor up, drift or slow troll your favorite live baits and you’ll catch a variety of fish here.  If you stick with minnows, you have a chance to catch all the major game fish found in this area.

Run & Gun

There are plenty of spots to run and gun if you choose to fish this way.  Find a pattern and then find other spots that are similar.  You can easily hit 30 to 50 spots that hold fish each day if you don’t spend too much time at each spot.  Keep searching until you find a big school of fish or catch a couple fish in each spot.  Either way, this is one of the better ways to catch a lot of fish here.

Trolling with the Big Motor

There are plenty of areas where trolling with the big motor can be super successful.  Most anglers will troll with their big motor for walleye, pike and muskie.  Don’t be surprised when you catch smallmouth bass too because this area has tons of them.

Slow Trolling with the Trolling Motor

This is a great technique that allows you to control your baits and keep them right on the drop-off where you want it.  With all the good deep water spots and so many smallmouth bass in the area, you can use this technique to catch a lot of fish here.  If you use minnows or soft plastics that resemble minnows, you will catch smallmouth bass, pike and walleye with some other fish mixed in too.


With all the islands here, there will always be a shoreline where you can drift no matter what way the wind is blowing.  Find a productive area and drift with live bait and you’ll catch a lot of fish.  You can use lures too, however, it’s tough to beat live bait with this technique.


When you find a school of fish, you may want to anchor up.  In the summer and fall, the smallmouth bass and walleye will usually school up in big numbers.  Find them and you can sit on a spot and catch a lot of fish in a hurry.