Cover & Structure

Fishing the Bays

This area has larger bays and then smaller bays within the bays.  The larger bays kind of fish like they are their own lakes and the smaller bays are the bays of these smaller lakes.  The smaller bays will hold good numbers of fish in the spring and fall, but the spring bite is usually a lot better.  This area has a ton of smallmouth bass, so expect to see plenty of them in the bays here in the spring.  Largemouth bass can be found in some areas with vegetation in this area too.  Northern pike love the bays, especially if there is some vegetation in there too.  You may also find some muskie, walleye and panfish.

Fishing the Drop-offs

This part of the lake has a lot of deep water, so plan on fishing a lot of the drop-offs to target smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, muskie and more.  The shorelines with some type of cover such as rocks or vegetation and a nice drop-off are great spots to fish here.  There are lots of spots like these so if you don’t find fish in one of these areas, go fish the other 500.  It’s an easy pattern to find fish, especially from summer through fall.

Fishing the Flats

There are some flats in the bays here that will attract a variety of fish early in the year as water temperatures are warming up.  You may find some muskie and walleye here, but it will most likely be smallmouth bass and northern pike early in the year, then these spots won’t be as productive once the summer pattern sets in.

Fishing the Islands

If you want to fish islands, there are plenty of them here.  Most of them will have smallmouth bass all around them, but the nicer drop-offs will also attract walleye, pike, muskie and panfish too.  The islands will weeds will usually attract more pike and the islands with rocks will hold more smallmouth bass.

Fishing the Points

You have a lot of points to fish here, so if you want to focus on that pattern, you totally can.  Find the spots where they drop into deeper water and you’ll find more fish.  If they have some rock or weeds on them, the bite will be better too.  Points are great from spring through fall for a variety of fish.

Fishing the Reefs

The reefs provide good fishing for a variety of fish.  Target pike, smallmouth bass, walleye and even some muskie on these spots.  Fishing the reefs are a good pattern for the summer and fall here.

Fishing the Rocks

There are rocks everywhere so plan on fishing the rocks in this area.  All types of fish will be found around the rocks, especially smallmouth bass.

Fishing the Weeds

Some of the bays here have some nice vegetation.  These will be the better spots for targeting northern pike and largemouth bass.  You may find some muskie, smallmouth bass and walleye around the deep weed edges too.