Good Strategies for Fishing the Northwest Angle

Jigging & Drop Shotting

You can’t go wrong with jigging and drop shotting in this area.  There are plenty of deeper shorelines and offshore structure that are perfect for fishing vertical with a jig or drop shot rig.  Use a variety of live bait or soft plastics to target walleye, pike, bass and more.


If you are looking to cover water and hit as many good spots as possible, you’re going to want to break out the casting gear.  Fish the bays, points, islands and offshore structure with your favorite lures.  There are so many spots to fish in the area and casting is a great way to cover water and find more active fish.

Live Baiting

Live bait is a great way to catch a lot of fish in this area.  Nightcrawlers and leeches work great, however, a lively minnow will give you more options to catch all the different fish in this area.

Run & Gun

You can easily run and gun the Minnesota and Canadian waters in this area to find as many active fish as possible.  There will be a variety of patterns you can choose to fish due to the variety of the cover and structure in this area.

Trolling with the Big Motor

Trolling with the big motor is one of the best ways to cover some water and fish for walleye, northern pike or muskie.  Set out your favorite baits and cover some water in some productive-looking areas and you’ll catch some fish.

Slow Trolling with the Trolling Motor

This is a great technique for when you want to slow down, but still cover some water.  When you get on a good drop-off, get out the jigs and drop shot rigs and cover some water slowly while targeting smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and more.


When the wind starts blowing a little bit, drifting can be a great way to cover some water and find more fish.  Drift with live baits, jigs or soft plastics and you can have some success drifting.


When you find a hot spot, consider anchoring and sitting on that spot until the bite stops.  There are a lot of spots up here that will hold a lot of fish.  Give them a chance to see your bait and eat it before moving along.