Good Strategies for Fishing Lake of the Woods Morson

Jigging & Drop Shotting

You can’t go wrong with a jig or drop shot rig.  Fish the deeper waters off the points, islands, along the shorelines or on offshore structure.  Whether you fish with live bait or soft plastics, you can do well for just about everything up here with a jig and drop shot rig.


With all the islands and bays here, it is an ideal area for the angler that likes to break out the casting gear for a day of beating the water with a variety of lures.  Target the weeds or rocks and you should be able to run into plenty of smallmouth bass, northern pike, some walleye and some muskie too.

Live Baiting

If you just want to catch a bunch of fish, consider using live bait.  Minnows give you more options as far as catch a larger variety of fish, however, it’s tough to beat a lively nightcrawler or leech as well.

Run & Gun

If you want to run and gun, this part of Lake of the Woods is great.  Find a pattern and try to find as many spots that look like they would also produce.  There is too much water to fish it all, but you can very easily find a variety of patterns that will work to catch fish and you will be able to find other areas just like it.

Trolling with the Big Motor

In open water, trolling can be super effective.  Some anglers will also troll around the islands, off the points and along the better-looking shorelines.  Trolling a variety of baits can be very effective, especially for northern pike, walleye and muskie.

Slow Trolling with the Trolling Motor

There are so many spots here that are perfect for fishing vertical while slowly trolling with the trolling motor.  Use your favorite live bait or soft plastic on a jig or drop shot rig and cover some water slowly to find more fish.  It’s one of the better ways to fish this area.


When the wind starts to blow, drifting can be an awesome way to fish up here.  There are so many good areas where you can fish that the opportunities are pretty much limitless for you while on a trip here.  Drift with live baits and you should be able to do very well.


When you find a good spot with a lot of fish schooled up, you may want to anchor up so you can stay on top of these fish and catch as many as you can.  Some of the deep water around the islands and points will hold large schools of fish.  The offshore structure reefs will also hold some large schools of fish.  When you find one of these spots, take advantage of it because you might not have to go anywhere for a while once you find these spots.