Welcome to our Lake of the Woods Kenora Home Page

Kenora, Ontario is the most popular part of Lake of the Woods.  This is where you are going to find the most services, the most people and basically everything you will need for an ideal fishing vacation.  The downside is that you will see more people fishing here than on other parts of Lake of the Woods, but with a 15 to 20 minute boat ride, you can easily find some water all to yourself.  This is an amazing part of Lake of the Woods that gives you the feel of being around everything while also still feeling like you are getting away from it all.  It’s an awesome destination.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike & Muskie

This area is home to some incredible fishing on Lake of the Woods.  The smallmouth bass fishery is outstanding for numbers and some big fish are here too.  You will find lots of 2 to 3 pound smallies here with some smaller and some bigger.  Northern pike are here in good numbers and some big fish live here too.  Walleye fishing can be very good if you know how to target them.  Big fish in the upper 20 inch range are possible with some fish exceeding 30 inches.  The muskie fishing is very good as well.  Good numbers of fish are possible and big fish up to and above 50 inches are possible.

Secondary Species of Fish
Largemouth Bass, Perch & Crappie

Largemouth bass, perch and crappie are here and if you know how to target them here, you may have some awesome fishing experiences here.  However, these fish are secondary in this area compared to the pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and walleye.

Learn About The Lake

Fishing the Bays

There are so many bays in the Kenora area.  Most of them will have rocks, some with have sand bottoms and some will have some weeds in them.  The bays are great for targeting a variety of fish in the spring and early summer.  You will find smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and other fish in the bays too.  As water temperatures warm up though, most of the better quality fish will move out of the smaller bays onto main lake structure.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t catch some fish in the smaller bays from spring through fall though and the larger bays will fish more like smaller lakes within a huge lake.

Fishing the Drop-offs

There are so many spots where there are good drop-offs along the shorelines off the islands and off the reefs.  From summer through fall, you’re going to find a good amount of fish on these drop-offs.

Fishing the Flats

Some of the bays have some nice shallow flats that will hold fish in the spring time.  You can catch some very big pike and smallmouth bass on these shallow flats in just a few feet of water.  You may find some other fish on the flats too depending on the time of year and the water temperature.

Fishing the Points

There are a lot of points to fish whether they are on the mainland or on an island.  Fishing the points is a good pattern here from spring through fall.  All major game fish will be around these points at some point and you will find some panfish mixed in too.

Fishing the Islands

There are so many islands here to fish that you could just fish the islands and never run out of good water to fish.  The islands will hold lots of smallmouth bass, some walleye, northern pike and muskie too.  Perch and crappie can often be found mixed in as well, but you’re going to find a lot more smallmouth bass relating to these islands here.

Fishing the Reefs

The reefs are a great summer and fall pattern for smallmouth bass, northern pike and walleye.  Some big muskie will hang around these reefs too, so don’t be shocked if you see a giant in these areas.  There are a lot of reefs in this area, so make sure you get a good map and some good electronics to help you find these spots quickly.

Fishing the Rocks

There are rocks everywhere, so plan on fishing the rocks while here on a trip.  Smallmouth bass love the rocks and you’ll find plenty of these fish all over the place.  Pike, walleye, muskie and other fish relate to the rocks here as well.

Fishing the Weeds

There are some weeds in this area, but definitely a lot more rocks.  When you find the weeds, you’re going to catch more northern pike, but you’ll find some other fish there too.  The deeper weed edges around the islands are great spots to target bigger northern pike.

Popular Fishing Techniques on Lake of the Woods Kenora

Jigging & Drop Shotting

Jigging and drop shotting are great techniques for fishing this part of Lake of the Woods.  Rig your favorite live bait or soft plastics and fish the drop-offs around the islands, points and around the reefs and you will catch smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, perch and possibly other fish too.


There are so many great spots that you can fish, so if you like to cast, you have a lot of options.  Break out the casting gear and your favorite lures as you cast for muskie, bass, northern pike and even walleye.  Fan casting the drop-offs along the islands and reefs is a great way to catch a lot of fish here.

Live Baiting

You will catch a lot of fish if you choose to fish with live bait here.  Lively minnows will give you the options of catching just about everything, however, nightcrawlers and leeches are also very good options.  There are a lot of smallmouth bass here, so plan on catching plenty of those with walleye and northern pike too.  You may also run into some perch, crappie and muskie.

Run & Gun

If you want to run and gun and just hit as many productive looking spots as possible, you can have a lot of success doing that here.  With all the islands, points and bays, you can just pick a pattern and run from spot to spot.  You can catch a lot of fish with this technique because there are so many spots that hold fish here.

Trolling with the Big Motor

Trolling with the big motor can be a great technique for targeting walleye, pike and muskie.  Troll the deeper water off the points and islands with your favorite crankbaits and you may catch a little bit of everything.  Upsize your crankbaits if you want to target big pike, muskie and big walleye.  Some of the offshore reefs are perfect for trolling with the big motor also.

Slow Trolling with the Trolling Motor

There are so many spots here that are perfect for fishing vertical while just moving along slowly with the trolling motor.  The deeper shorelines off the islands and the drop-offs near the reefs are perfect places for using this technique.  Plan on catching a lot of walleye and smallmouth bass with this technique with some pike and other fish mixed in too.


Drifting is a great way to cover some water when the wind starts blowing and because there are so many islands here, you can always find a good spot to drift when the wind is blowing.  Drifting with live bait is the best way to catch a lot of fish, but soft plastics and jigs can also work very well too.


When you find a spot that has a bunch of fish on it, you may want to anchor so you can stay right on top of those fish.  In the summer and fall, it is common for fish to school up in deeper water on offshore structure.  When you find one of these spots, you can catch a lot of fish in a hurry by anchoring right over these fish.