Live Baits for Largemouth Bass



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Best Live Baits for Largemouth Bass


minnows-5There are many different types of minnows, but they all work to catch largemouth bass.  The bigger you go, the better chance you have at catching a big bass.  Fathead minnows are great for action.  Shiner minnows will get you action and catch bigger bass.  Huge shiners that are found in Florida get the credit for landing monster bass over 10 pounds on a regular basis.  Chubs and suckers are very good also for big bass.



LeechesLeeches are an amazing bait.  They don’t have great action in colder water temperatures.  If you fish in 60 degrees or warmer water temperature, you shouldn’t have a problem with them.  Present them to bass and you’ll get a lot of bites.



NightcrawlersNightcrawlers are one of the better baits for largemouth bass.  The only 2 knocks on them are that they get so many bites by panfish and by small bass.  Depending on the lake you are fishing, they may work great, but all the small fish bites may be annoying.  They also work better when water temperatures are above 60 degrees.  It’s not because they don’t have good action in colder water.  It’s just that the bite tends to be much better on live minnows when water temperatures are below 60 degrees.


Other Baits


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