Lingcod Fishing

lingcodThe lingcod is a popular fish from California to Alaska.  It can be found along the inshore waters and way out in offshore waters as well.  It is definitely one of the uglier-looking saltwater fish, but it provides anglers with some fun action and a fine meal.  It can grow as large as 75 pounds, but most fish are caught in the 5 to 25 pound range.

Anglers will anchor and drift for lingcod.  Lingcod are found along the bottom so heavy sinkers are a must.  Stiff action rods set up with herring and chunks of other fish is the most productive method for catching these fish.  If you’re looking to use artificial baits, try using jigs close to the bottom.  Many fishermen catch rockfish while fishing for lingcod.  Both species of fish have firm, white meat and taste delicious.

line-3Photo Credit:  Stan Shebs |  This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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