Fishing Calendar

Fishing Leech Lake in the Spring

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 36° / 17°
April 52° / 31°
May 67° / 44°

The spring is a great time to get onto Leech Lake.  This lake has a lot of bays and a lot of vegetation.  The green weeds in the bays will hold a lot of fish in the spring.  You can fish shallower and catch walleye, pike, muskie, bass, crappie, perch, bluegill and other sunfish too.

Fishing Leech Lake in the Summer

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 75° / 53°
July 79° / 58°
August 77° / 56°

In the summer, fishing gets tougher as more fish will be found deeper.  This is a big lake, so it can take some time to find some fish, but once you do, you can still catch a lot of fish here in the summer.  The deeper weed edges, deeper rock and deeper flats will be the better spots to fish in the summer.

Fishing Leech Lake in the Fall

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 66° / 47°
October 53° / 36°
November 36° / 21°

The bite picks up in the fall, however, some fish will move shallower and some will move deeper.  On some lakes, this isn’t a big deal, but because Leech Lake is so large, it may be difficult for some anglers to know where to start.  Fish the deeper weed edges, rocks and flats and if you don’t find fish, don’t be afraid to go into shallower water in the bays to see if you can find some active fish.  The large schools of bait fish will dictate a lot of the movements from fish in the fall.  As bait fish moves back into the shallows, plan on finding plenty of game fish right there with them.

Fishing Leech Lake in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 23° / 6°
January 18° / -1°
February 25° / 4°

Ice fishing can be very good on Leech Lake.  There are a lot of walleye and pike in the lake to go along with a lot of panfish.  All these fish feed well all the way through the winter, so if you can find them, you can catch some fish here.