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Most fishing rods today are made of fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of both.  Check out some of the different types of rods that are on the market today.


Baitcasting Rods and reels are the most common types of rods used in the bass fishing world.   The reel is actually mounted to the top of the rod and this makes pitching and flipping a lot easier than with a spinning rod.  Baitcasters are also popular for casting much larger baits such as big crankbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits.


Spinning Rods and reels utilize a fixed spool that is normally mounted below the rod.  They are typically used for lighter tackle such as live bait or smaller lures, however, with new technology and the creation of braided line, more and more anglers are using spinning tackle for bigger lures and bigger fish.  Spinning reels also solved the problem of backlash, as they do not have a rotating spool to overrun and foul the line.


Spin-Casting Rods  Spin-Casting rods are rods designed to hold a spin casting reel, which are normally mounted above the handle.  These rods have small eyes and typically a forefinger grip trigger.  They are similar to bait casting rods, to the point where either type of reel may be used on a particular rod.  Spin Casting rods are common among new anglers, often with kids that are just learning how to fish.


Fly Fishing Rods are much different than other types of fishing rods.  With a fly fishing rod, you actually use the rod to cast the line as opposed to casting the lure.  The line is weighted to help you cast further and more accurately.  There are so many different manufacturers of fly fishing rods and the prices vary from budget friendly to quite expensive.


Surf Fishing Rods – When selecting a rod for surf fishing, you need to think about the area you will be fishing and what types of fish you will be catching.  If you are fishing from the beach, a longer rod will help you cast further and keep your line above the incoming waves.  A longer, heavier rod will also help you land some of the bigger fish that come out of the surf.

Ice Fishing Rods differ from your typical rod and reel.  They are smaller, more compact, lighter and more sensitive.  You need a sensitive fishing rod to feel the light bites that are common with ice fishing.


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