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Story By:  Kevin Sewell, Owner of Ultimate Fishing Site & Illinois Hammerheads Baseball
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I have been to Eagle River, Wisconsin a few times in early June.  While this is the beginning of summer bass fishing for some of the states farther south, this is perfect spring time bass fishing up here.  The smallies are all over the shorelines.  On many of the lakes, the spawn is in full swing, but depending on the body of water you are fishing, you will find bass that are still in cruising mode or sitting tight on the beds.

I have been up here a couple times when the bass were still in cruising mode and some were on the beds.  This is a great time to fish, because if you want to target them on the beds you can, but there are so many bass up here cruising around that you can fish the shallows and find plenty of active cruising bass as well.  I have done well on Kentuck Lake, Anvil Lake, Butternut Lake and even on the Eagle River Chain during this time of year.

I usually use crayfish-imitating baits during this time of year.  I just hop the baits along the shorelines with rocks, sand, fallen trees and anywhere that I can sight fish them as well.

During this time of year, the average size bass you can catch will be drastically bigger than the summer and fall if you go target the bigger bass.  There are still plenty of bigger bass to catch in the summer and the fall, but in the spring, you can easily find the bigger bass and then move to another lake and do the same thing.  If you fished for smallmouth bass exclusively, you could probably catch close to 100 bass with 50 to 75 of them being over 15 inches over a 3 day weekend.  This is if you hit it right.  When I hit it right, I was still exploring other lakes, so I didn’t spend my 3 days up here chasing smallies all day every day.  I think I caught around 25 bass every day though in just a half day fishing for them.

If You Hit It Wrong

I came up here one year and it was too cold.  After catching only a handful of solid smallies, I targeted walleye and crappie and had a good weekend, but it wasn’t what I was planning on when I blocked out those dates for a couple days in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  It’s nice to have some options up here.  There are lakes with clear water, murky water and you have quite a few options to target multiple species of fish.

Take a look at some of the pics from my early June trips to the Eagle River area.

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